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On an artist hunt.

2011-06-21 10:48:08 by DemonDaryn

Well, as a partner of BanglaBoy96 I've been asked to help out look for an extra artist to help us in the making of 2nd Depression ._. Anyone willing to helo and not bail? It would meen alot :)

Need a spriter?

2011-04-22 07:01:40 by DemonDaryn

I havent done much spriting in a while, and i have nothing to work on so if anyone needs a sprite or a custom sprite background come ask moi. I'll do it as long as i get credit ._.


2011-01-01 16:00:19 by DemonDaryn

well scince evry flash i submited got blamed ... yes im looking at you newgrounds ¬.¬
ill try a different type of animation (symbol animation)
and if that doesnt work im out
ill need voice actors maybe

first flash is up

2011-01-01 14:03:25 by DemonDaryn

my first flash ever is up.



Got Flash!

2010-12-29 10:26:42 by DemonDaryn

i got flash guys (wow what a big deal)
anyway ill be doing sprite ovies OR drawn ones
i have a character
"tex The Cywolf"
youl see him alot
he will soon be my image so just wait and see what pops up


2010-11-28 12:10:17 by DemonDaryn

well nothing new really (just thought id update) ... i uploaded a song but its takin a while ^^; aaaannnnddd thats about it

New Post 0.o?

2010-11-15 16:04:36 by DemonDaryn

well ive finished my character (diddnt take me that long, i just didnt have a design)
so thats that done,

im getting flash soon tho, but i need to know what kind of animation i should learn
sprite or drawn myself
comment on one i shd do

Yeah Ok

2010-10-24 15:46:49 by DemonDaryn

well i gotta wait till xmuz till i can get flash T.T but on the other hand its given me time to work on my sprites, ill be making a character soon, may be an edit or a recolour fuck knows lol

Macromedia flash

2010-10-20 08:55:17 by DemonDaryn

Yeah, ok how can i obtain flash koz i find links, download the program but it doesnt let me use it 0.o
do i need a video card or somthing?
cemment if you have any ideas